PHP Web Application Security

It is important to secure web applications otherwise attackers can damage users data like emails, passwords, personal identity data, credit card details, business secrets, family and friend contacts, transaction history. User damage will cause the damage of company. User will loose the trust on company and company will loose good reputation and it will affect on business. Here in this article we are going to cover most common security threads in PHP scripts.SQL injection SQL injection is a kind of attack that malicious users enter SQL in form fields in a way that affects the execution of SQL...

Category drop-down for TYPO3 "cal" extension

Making a drop-down menu of "cal" categories with simple TypoScript object where on change of the drop-down list of events will be filtered.

TYPO3 Flow: How to crawl HTML content

Sometimes you want to read HTML code and find some content in it (aka crawling). So to do this easily and object oriented way you can do it as follows with Flow. By default DomCrawler package is installed with Flow.Additionally require "symfony/css-selector": "2.2.*" in your composer.json. this makes easier to find tags jQuery way! see below.<code>use Neos\Flow\Http\Client\CurlEngine;use Neos\Flow\Http\Request;use Neos\Flow\Http\Uri;use Symfony\Component\DomCrawler\Crawler;$uri = ''$request = Request::create(new Uri($uri));$curlEngine = new CurlEngine();...

Superuser package for TYPO3 Flow 

 The superuser is a special user account used for system administration or controlling all aspects of a portal as a chief. With Superuser package, admin can make any transactions on behalf of another user without logging out or entering other user's password.Lelesys.SuperUser package has been developed using TYPO3 Flow framework. Below are the steps involved in superuser functionality:

Read TYPO3.SwiftMailer e-mail even without receiving actual e-mail

How to read TYPO3.SwiftMailer e-mail even without receiving actual e-mail?Put following settings in your Development/Settings.yaml fileTYPO3:  SwiftMailer:    transport:      type: 'TYPO3\SwiftMailer\Transport\LoggingTransport'        options: []Then you can simply read the e-mail contents in the Data/Logs/System_Development.log file!

Infinite Scrolling

As the User scrolls down the page, an ajax call is fired that will fetch the next set of data from the database and render it on the page. This will continue as you scroll down until all the data is fetched from the database.As you know, nowdays the Users require large amount of data in minimum amount of time. And this can be handled by using some techniques for e.g Caching, Loading data when required and so on.In this article we will learn how to implement infinite scroll, similar to the one implemented in Facebook, using jQuery.Infinite scroll can be done in two ways :Using existing jq...

Datatables -- A jQuery plugin

Datatables has turned to be a boon in programming as it reduces the hardships and at the same time provides various features. The use of this plugin is to list records. Datatables also gives a great experience for the end user as it adds features like ordering, searching, paging thus providing the ability to find the information they want as quickly as possible.

Salesforce integration using Bulk API

The Salesforce Bulk API provides programmatic access to allow you to quickly load your organisation's data into Salesforce. How Bulk API Works You process a set of records by creating a job that contains one or more batches. The job specifies which object is being processed and what type of action is being used (query, insert, upsert, update, or delete). A batch is a set of records sent to the server in an HTTP POST request. Each batch is processed independently by the server, not necessarily in the order it is received. Batches may be processed in parallel. It's up to the clie...

Payment Gateway Integration: PayPal and

Now a days Payment Gateway Integration has become the necessity for most of the shopping and e-learning websites as the user's can directly pay from their credit card or debit card accounts. A payment gateway allows your online store to accept credit card payments from customers. What is Payment Gateway?The payment gateway facilitates online payments by connecting your secure order form with your specific merchant account at a processing bank. The gateway takes the submitted form data and presents it to the processing bank for authorization. When it receives a response from the bank, it...

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