TYPO3 Neos packages by Lelesys

Lelesys has been working on various TYPO3 Neos projects since November 2011. We have so far working on more than 15 small and big TYPO3 Neos projects. 

TYPO3 Neos provides a perfect framework when it comes to building custom applications with CMS functions. We have developed several custom plugins for TYPO3 Neos which we would like to share with community. 

Below is list of such packages

  • SEOHelper - Enables adding metadata on the pages as well as other SEO functions
  • Sitemap - Sitemap of website including Google XML 
  • Social Bookmarking - Plugin to show common social networking website
  • MultiContent - Useful structures to enable wide style of content element placement. e.g. Tabs, Accordion, Slider
  • Contact form - Contact form based on FormBuilder package
  • Theme - Twitter bootstrap based themes which you can choose or also upload your own.
  • FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Slideshow - Image slideshow with labels which is generally used on homepage.
  • News - Will be available soon.
  • Newsletter - Will be available soon. 
  • Search - Will be available soon. 
  • Portfolio - Will be available soon.

Get packages here https://github.com/lelesys

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