TYPO3 Neos 1.0 is coming!

Picture credits: Berit Jensen http://twitter.com/berit_jensen

TYPO3 Neos core team is working in Nürnberg to give last touches to the first stable version of the long awaited content management system. We appreciate hard work done by the team and also congratulate them to achieve this milestone.

December 10, 2013 - Nürnberg, Germany. TYPO3 Neos core team will release TYPO3 Neos 1.0 stable version. This is result of about 6 years of hardwork and dedication by Neos team. Official website for Neos release is here.

TYPO3 Neos is a brand new CMS from TYPO3 Association. Neos is going to change how content management will work in the future and takes the whole CMS concept to the next level. Its amazing inline content editing features makes is easy for content editors to focus on content as well as design their own structures easily. So working on your website will be as simple as working on a Word document.

Robert Lemke: A Fresh Look at Content Management at International PHP Conference

Party time!

Parties have been arranged all over Europe as well as in Goa, India and Tokyo. There are about 17 parties already announced as per this wiki page. Find a nearest to you!

Projects using Neos

Lelesys has been working on Neos already since last 1 year when Neos was in Alpha 3. We have released 2 projects which are developed using Neos at this point and another 8 projects are in the making. Check our projects page for our Neos projects. 

How to try Neos?

You can goto official website of TYPO3 Neos and download the final version once it is ready. http://neos.typo3.org/ Alternatively you can also use Launchr.com to try our yourself with your own installation.

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