Lelesys releases TYPO3 Neos Distributions

TYPO3 Neos Distributions are Open Source startsites created by Lelesys. Inspiring People to Share! Please try them on our server or download your own copy from GitHub and don't forget to give us some feedback. Write to typo3neos@lelesys.com

Voila! TYPO3 Neos is coming into reality! We have been working on some Neos projects. So we planned to make Neos Distributions which can help people to start with simple Neos websites easily. These Neos distributions are having number of simple packages to build simple websites. They include common functionality like SEO, Sitemap, Social Bookmarking, FAQ, MultiContent structures, Tabs, Accordions and Contact form. These Distributions are currently in Alpha stage and will be updated continuously. 

Visit our distribution page here for more information

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