Software Development for Startups

Lelesys has been working with Startup companies since last 12 years. Many of our startup customers have grown to large scale businesses and successful companies. Our Agile software development in combination with our consulting service helps Startup companies to launch products in short time and then develop continuously. 

Projects is an online portal for holiday homes booking in Costa Brava. started in 2013 as small blogger's platform and now it is a successful business.

How we help Startups?

Fast Prototype Development

Our team of consultants explore idea of Startup idea into well defined specification. Before we start developing the whole project we come up with prototype which gives visual presentation of target product. This helps our customers to take decision on functionality as well as budget.

Full Service for Startups

Lelesys is one stop company for all services needed by a Startup. Following are key services useful to a Startup

  • Product consulting and design
  • Architecture 
  • Technology selection
  • Budgeting 
  • Graphics design and wireframes 
  • Software development 
  • Continuous development and support 
  • Online Customer support 

Product Concept Development

Lelesys is specialised in product concept development. We do complete analysis of Startup idea and create a concept. During concept development we make sure Startup idea is developed to a best in the world solution.

Offshore Support

Any product development never stops! Online products need continuous development and support as they grow. With our large development team we easily expand team for supporting a growing product. This helps Startups to grow quicker in the short span of time.

Reasonable Price

Startups in initial phase only need to service on capital raised as venture funding. So each and every cent is important. With our reasonable pricing we ensure our services are affordable for startups. With our flexible team management Startups can control need of working capital. Example: Instead of hiring employees Startups can hire resources from Lelesys on monthly or assignment basis which can easily control the ongoing costs.

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