Websites for travel and tourism includes wider options based on the scope of business. This includes travel services like visa applications, information, flight booking, hotel booking, holiday rental and tourist information.

Travel services

Travel agency should have end to end service for travellers which can be served from online platform. Which can include online visa application, documentation, information for packages and destinations. In some cases it may also include additional facilities for corporate travellers. 

Flight booking

Travel agency website can include flight booking system engine by companies like Amadeus. It can be integrated seamlessly in the travel agency website. Here is more information about Amadeus Flight IBE.

Hotel booking

In addition to flight booking it is also possible to include integration from hotel booking websites like Travel agencies can provide wider options to customers by integrating such service. Lelesys has successfully used such APIs to integrate hotel booking engines in travel websites. Here is more info about APIs

Facebook App

Facebook is where people discuss about travel plans. Facebook Apps provide a way to include your offering directly in the Facebook website. Lelesys develops Facebook Apps which can provide special interface to your website directly from Facebook website. Facebook users can choose your services as well as do booking right from Facebook website.

City information/ tourist guides

Along with booking travellers need information about destination. Tourism website can include information about local destination along with integration with Google Maps. Lelesys has developed websites which provide ways for travellers to plan their trip using Google Maps and print it as driving directions. Information can also be downloaded as PDF files to use from tablets in offline more or use online using mobile friendly website.

Videos and pictures

Development of tourism communities to share information of trips which can include videos and images. Users can communicate and share trip experience on such portals. Lelesys is specialised in design and development of such communities using TYPO3 Flow and Neos

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