off-the-shelf video portal

Lelesys provides off the shelf video portal. Host your videos, sell them and build community around. 3 reasons why our solutions is most suitable in almost all cases.

Hosted on cloud

Integrated with 3Q SDN video hosting service. Videos are hosted on content delivery network providing your users best viewing experience

Integrated monetisation 

Our solution already allows you to categorise videos, serve as free or paid content to your users. All user management features are already included.

Content management

Our solution is built on top of Neos CMS which allows you to create content easily as well as add more features easily 

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Responsive website

Our solution has responsive design features built-in. Website as well as videos are capable of running on mobile and tablet devices. We can also integrate your own template as per your branding requirements.

Video CMS

Solution is based on Neos CMS which is most modern content management system, developed by TYPO3 Community. Along with videos you can also include unlimited amount of pages, articles and landing pages.

Video formats

Our solution integrates 3Q SDN which allows you to upload any type of videos. Videos are encoded to support any devices including HTML5 and Flash. Our solution provides seamless integration with hosting.

Cloud hosting

Your videos are hosted on the cloud securely. 3Q SDN has nodes in most of European countries and expanding. Videos are secured based on token based security. Hosting is powerful enough to support best experience to your users.

Online payment

Our solution includes online payment integration with popular payment systems like Paypal, You can plan pricing by video, by channel or by duration. It also takes care of invoicing and tax calculation to export to your account system

Source code

We provide you complete source code for your portal which allows you full ownership and extend the solution in future on your own. The solution is based on Neos CMS and Flow Framework which use PHP and MySQL as programming platform.

Case study:

New Music Academy is an online guitar learning academy. Lelesys developed online learning platform using our video on demand solution. Lelesys provided complete solution from concept, design, development and ongoing support. Following are some of the main features of the website.

  • Online sign up and paid member registration
  • Video integration with Chapters, lessons 
  • Video timing matched with notes changing automatically when you play
  • Integrated forum between teachers and students
  • Online recurring payment with different subscription levels
  • Online video recording for teachers and students
  • Offline workshops booking 
  • Landing pages and social media marketing
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