Document management system makes your digital administration of document easy by structuring storage, creation as well as distribution of documents within your business. 

Documents are created in various ways or imported from external sources. Document management system takes care of importing them, structuring their storage as well as make sure they are easy find. 

Search facilities makes it easy to find documents even if they are of different formats like Doc, Excel, PDF, Powerpoint or OpenOffice. 

Distribution or access of the documents can be configured in granular way so as to control who can access the documents. 

Documents can be delivered to normal browsers, mobile devices or to mobile Apps using REST or XML APIs.

Use cases

Our custom document management solution is suitable in following business cases

  • Protected drawings and documents for companies 
  • Sharing of document within the company
  • Financial documents for book keeping and tax 
  • Product documentation updating and distribution
  • Quality documentation with tracking and review process
  • eLearning for critical situations like Airlines and hospitals
  • Management of documents for legal cases for lawyers 

Key features

Our custom document management solution based on Neos CMS

  • Document management system
  • Search using Apache Solr
  • Search within documents 
  • Custom structure 
  • Metadata or tagging 
  • Preview 
  • Delivery to desktop and mobile
  • XML APIs

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