Data collection

Financial data services companies need way to collect data about markets, statistics, funds and investors. We develop custom scripts to collect this data in many ways. 

  • Scrapping of data from public websites by automatically reading HTML code 
  • XML web services 
  • Manual data entry from offshore BPO service 
  • Importing from other systems like SAP, SalesForce and Excel files.

Import/Export of data

We develop system to import and export large amount of data for financial services companies. This data is used for statistics, sales and marketing by large corporations. Data can be exported to Excel, mySQL tables, XML or directly to SalesForce using bulk APIs.

Search and merging

We develop portals where customers of financial data services companies can search and download data for their own consumption. Data can be searched by custom search logic as well as downloaded with custom parameters. It is also possible to merge data and download marged results. 

Downloading of data

Downloading of data is provided as Excel files or set of Excel files. It is also possible to export to XML or send the data over direct API connection over SOAP or REST. We also integrate SalesForce APIs with your custom data application. 


We develop custom integrations with third party systems using SOAP or REST APIs. These integrations help data services companies to sell the services suitable to their end users. Following are some integration options 

  • SalesForce APIs 
  • SugarCRM 
  • SAP 
  • Google Maps 
  • Lotus Notes 
  • SOAP Webservices 
  • REST web services 

Comparison system

We also develop custom portals for comparison service for loans, insurance policies or investment plans. These portals work as sales front-end for financial services companies and agencies. 

  • Mortgage loan comparison 
  • Insurance comparison 
  • Investment products comparison 
  • Financial data comparison 
  • Portfolio status 

Use cases

Our database application services provide wide range of use cases. Some of them as listed below

  1.  Financial data services 
  2. Insurance companies 
  3. Large Insurance agencies 
  4. Mortgage loan providers and agencies 
  5. Real estate agencies 
  6. Investment product agencies 
  7. Bank and non-banking institutions
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