Custom content with Google Maps

If you are a company with lot of locations of your services, use Google Maps to make it easy for your customers to find your nearest location easily on Maps. This can include your stores, gas stations, service centers or member companies. Association can use Google Maps to show location of members. Lelesys has developed solutions which include integration of your customer content within Google Maps.

Google Maps for commercial use

Google Maps are free when data you provide is free for public users. In case you want to use Google Maps for business data which can be private or accessible on payment, you need to purchase Google Maps Business licence. Here is more information about Google Maps for Business.

Search and Directions

Google maps provide APIs to implement custom search within your data. This also includes distance calculation and driving directions. Use search API for making it possible users to find nearest store from your hundreds of stores or draw driving directions to reach to your service station nearest to user's home.

We are happy to answer your questions about Google Maps integration. Our solution is useful when you need to show your shop locations on map as well as search based on Google Maps. Need a proposal?

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