Custom Application Development

Lelesys develops custom web applications for specific needs of companies. We design and develop web applications using latest Open Source technologies TYPO3 Flow PHP Framework, MySQL and Neos CMS. Our customers enjoy high quality service from Lelesys with high quality code and faster support.


Applications tailered for your business needs

We develop applications to solve problems with your internal process and how to optimise it for maximum productivity. Applications are developed specific to your business  process. We also advice you on how to use technology to automate most of your processes. This helps our customers to fulfill demands of growing business and develop a successful multi-national operation. These applications can include following 

  • Automation of sales process
  • Online booking for product orders 
  • Customer support and servicing using mobile technology 
  • Workforce management 
  • Internal information flow and secure sharing of data with your suppliers 
  • Managing your digital assets like Engineering Drawing, Videos, Music and financial data
  • Reporting systems which capture data from your existing systems like SAP, SugarCRM or SalesForce

Database and Cloud Applications

Lelesys develops applications for enterprise customers which are database driven and process large amount of data. We use technologies like MySQL, CouchDB and Amazon Web Services to make this possible. With cloud based infrastructure these applications are scalable and can provide nice support for global operations for a multinational company.

Success Story: We have developed Intranet for a German multinational which is 110 years old with presence in 27 countries with 45 internal companies. The Intranet provide data access to global offices over VPN with access privileges defined using central user directory (LDAP) 

Enterprise applications and integrations

In modern web application development more and more focus is on integration with existing services that building everything on your own. This also involves integrating with customer's existing applications such as SAP, ERP, Customer relationship management (CRM), sales platform, production applications, document management and accounting applications. We consume existing information by integrating with these systems using SOAP and REST APIs to build new applications to solve specific problems. 

Web Services

One of the key aspect in today's world is exchange of information and data between different parts of businesses. Even sometimes companies need to collaborate with other businesses and establish channel of sharing information. Lelesys builds SOAP, XML and REST web services to build information sharing applications.  

Migration of legacy applications

Do you have an old Java or Visual Basis application which you want to take online? We help companies to re-write old legacy applications developed using old technologies like C++, Visual Basic, Java to new world online and cloud applications. We re-design application based on revised workflow and provide consulting on improving the application.

Opensource Technology

Lelesys is Open Source technology company. We use Open Source technologies which give you full control over source code as well as endless opportunity to customise your application. You are no more dependent on technology vendor or even Lelesys.

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